Seward Towers




Affordable Housing,

Project Description

Redesign Inc. has been engaged in Seward Towers East (2515 South 9th St) and West (2910 East Franklin Ave) since they were built in the early 1970s as HUD-sponsored affordable apartments. We played an integral role in structuring the acquisition of the 640-unit Towers in 1990 to engage the community to prevent its conversion to market-rate apartments. This unique governance structure includes direct board representation by tenants and the Seward Neighborhood group as well as Redesign and CommonBond.

Beginning in 2015, Redesign and CommonBond Communities collaborated on a $95 million renovation and refinancing of the Towers that maintains community and resident engagement while securing adequate funds for a full-scale renovation. The project also included the renewal of the HUD Housing Assistance Payment contract that will ensure affordability for another 20 years.

The renovation features improvements to individual units including new windows, kitchens, and flooring, and as well as heating controls in each unit. All major building systems have also been addressed including heating, plumbing, and electrical and fire protection systems. Entrances were also reconfigured to provide greater security. Triangle Park, located across the street from Seward Tower West at Franklin & 26th Avenues, is getting a facelift along with other landscaped areas including new rubber surfaces to provide accessibility at all playgrounds.