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For the past 50 years Redesign has provided commercial real estate development, affordable housing, and economic development to our service area. Shortly after the civil Uprising resulting from the murder of Mr. George Floyd­, our leadership and recovery coalition was on the ground helping cleaning debris. Since then, these partners meet regularly to share in the work of rebuilding our communities. This work is in opposition to extractive development and gentrification: focusing on new models for economic justice, especially those that center BIPOC ownership and build community wealth.

The five focus areas of the coalition include:

  • Community Visioning & Centering – Align on neighborhood based, or corridor aligned guiding principles
  • External Relations Including Government, Philanthropy and Corporate – Leverage elected officials and local government entities to drive resources (human and financial capital) inclusive of funding, regulatory and planning; engagement with local elected officials.
  • Community & Broad-Based Ownership Models – Assemble best in class thinking around multiple ownership models, incl. Co op, Land Trust, Lease to Own, Employee Ownership, Community Investment model, REITs, Incl. direct sale to BIPOC
  • Property Preservation, Protection & Site Control – Preempt speculative property sales; acquire distressed sites and Prioritize localized site control; demand local decision authority and ownership
  • Assistance & Support to Existing Entrepreneurs – Develop relocation strategies for displaced businesses help them find new homes and Support strategies that increase ownership for entrepreneurs

Coalition Partners

Redesign Inc., Lake Street Council, Minnesota Consortium of Community Development, Neighborhood Development Corporation, Community Reinvestment Fund, City of Lakes Commercial Land Trust, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Latino Economic Development Center, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, Cultural Wellness Center, Assembly MN, Staff support from Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, City of Minneapolis CPED, Minneapolis Forward, Mortenson Construction, and Pillsbury United’s Justice Built CDC.

The community values for the rebuilding are best summed by the term REACH, meaning Racial Equity and Community Health. The coalition is weaving together the power of people, partners, and resources to boldly build true equity across communities impacted by the murder of George Floyd and the civil Uprising. Visit this link to follow the work of REACH.

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