Coliseum Restoration





As of March 2023, the Coliseum project has begun construction! 

The goal of this project is to create generational wealth for BIPOC small business owners through the equitable redevelopment of a building that was damaged in the civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

The Coliseum project is part of the larger rebuilding of Lake Street following the civil unrest that impacted much of the corridor. Most of the commercial node at 27th Ave S. and East Lake Street was burned to the ground, permanently impacting a corner that was referred to as “Downtown Longfellow.” The Coliseum was badly damaged but was not a total loss like most of the surrounding structures. The restoration of the Coliseum building is a key part of the Longfellow neighborhood’s healing process.

The 85,000 square foot Coliseum building has long been a beacon for local businesses and BIPOC entrepreneurs. Through the redevelopment process led by Redesign, Inc. the building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Redesign is partnering with three local Black-owned small businesses to be both tenants and long-term owners in the Coliseum Building. Through this partnership, the voices of people of color will be at the table making the key decisions on how this community moves forward.

Public Art & Healing – The health and well-being of a community can usually be seen in the faces of its residents, in its architecture, and in its businesses & streetscape. Given the unrest throughout the Longfellow neighborhood and in particular the devastation along Lake Street, the community is in need of healing. Through the leadership of fiveXfive Public Art – a vision for a substantial public art installation both in the building and along Lake Street is in the works.

In coalition with many community partners, we have committed to a set of principles that aims to center BIPOC voices throughout the redevelopment process along the corridor. Redesign is also committed to working with the National Association of Minority Contractors of Minnesota and hiring as many BIPOC-owned firms as possible.

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If you are interested in leasing space at the Coliseum, please click here.