Elite Cleaners





Elite Cleaners is a certified green dry cleaner owned by immigrant entrepreneurs Pinky and Samir Patel since 2016. Redesign bought the property at 3101 Minnehaha Ave in the Summer of 2021, and sold to Elite Cleaners in August 2022. The building just one block from the 3rd Precinct, was looted and a fire set inside amidst the uprising following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020.

Elite Cleaners is driven by a desire to provide a reassuring presence of normalcy in the community. Elite Cleaners green cleaning practices will limit any contamination on-site moving forward, in addition to the fact this location will serve primarily as a drop-off site, with limited cleaning and processing taking place.

The remaining space is demised into multiple income-generating units which will create wealth building potential for owners Pinky and Samir. Ultimately, the property will be occupied by Raven Construction, Elite Cleaners drop-off, and 3rd as yet vacant space.

The final project will be a powerful example of BIPOC wealth building, equitable development, and healing and rebuilding on the Lake Street corridor. A minor subdivision also produced a second parcel capable of accommodating a mid-sized apartment, co-op or condo project to increase in housing supply led and informed by the community.