• Business Recruitment
  • Construction Project Management
  • Underwriting and Feasibility Analysis

The Beez Kneez is a sustainable honey producer and leads a social enterprise that provides education, advocacy and training about the importance of pollinator health to our ecosystem. You might have seen Kristy around the neighborhood as she delivers honey by bicycle, usually wearing her signature black and yellow stripes with bee antennae protruding from her helmet.

Redesign met Kristy Allen, founder and owner owner of Beez Kneez, as she was raising money for build out of her first bricks and mortar location. We provided technical assistance in developing financial projections for her business plan and establishing a scope of work. When complications at her initial location prevented her project from commencing, we moved fast to identify a place for The Beez Kneez at Seward Commons. We worked with her to get her growing business qualified for the Hiawatha Revolving Loan Fund and provided project management for her tenant build out, which included extensive new plumbing, a new glass overhead door to facilitate bicycle deliveries and bring light into her space, and Department of Agriculture approvals.

Once The Beez Kneez became established, Redesign worked with them to select a community banker that they could build a long term credit relationship with in order to continue to grow. We look forward to supporting Kristy’s inspiring entrepreneurship as she continues to expand to new product and service lines.