Five Square




Commercial Real Estate,

Project Description

Five Square is a 3 story commercial building located at 2525 E Franklin Avenue. In 2018 Redesign purchased and renovated the property to make it accessible for people with disabilities, improve the pedestrian environment on 25th and Franklin, and create new opportunities for small business and nonprofit tenants to thrive. Today the building is home to: Nomadic Oasis Barber Lounge, Bench Pressed Letterpress, Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, Seward Neighborhood Group, The Alliance, Voices for Racial Justice, Somali Action Alliance, Seltzer Studios, and the office of Colin C. Davis.

“I’m a firm believer that community ownership is the best way to ensure that buildings are maintained in a way that they are integral and a part of the community around them.” -Renee Spillum, Redesign Senior Project Manager

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